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Arena battle

On July the ninetheenth a group of intrepid adventurers from Raiders of the Lost Orc gathered at the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale to conduct a tournament of epic enjoyment!

The battlemaster, Bethyne, assigned two competitors to fight in the Arena, with the winner going into the next round. The first four battles included an officer fight (Rahven vs Macole), which Rahven won. Pyocola beat Geowyn, Helgas managed to best Louella, and Shambolic was victorious over Flambe.

A special race was held to seed one of the losers back into the tournament - one lap of the arena, winner gets back in. Despite Macole's dirty tricks, he came in last, after Louella and Flambe. Geowyn, taking her nimble cheetah form came in first and got to fight another battle.

The rest of the battles were fast and furious, ending in a major showdown between Shambolic and Pyocola. After a few close calls Pyocola manged to win and had to go against the mystery Arena Master.

This turned out to be Hellshero, and the fight was on! Hells started in stealth which gave him a small advantage, but it didn't last. After some intense combat, Pyocola emerged as the victory, and took home first prize!

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