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In search of the apprentices

A blood red sun rose over the docks of Ratchet, bathing its sandy and haphazard streets in a soft yet grim light. With the dawn, the inhabitants rose also and soon the clank of gears and rush of steam sounded across the bay.

A soft gurgle sounded from beneath the sheets of the rented room of Basel Daemonheart. As the sun, which was, in Basels opinion, too bright, pierced the thin curtains of his shabby accommodation, the night elf warrior sat up, clutching at his head as the burning drum of a hangover flowed through his body. Pulling on his breeches and boots he stumbled out of his room trying to shake the memories from his head, but to no avail.

Over a fish stew breakfast Basel tried to remember what had become of him that previous night. He remembered there was a lot of alcohol involved. Had he been out drinking with Rahven again? His liege always had a mind for the demon drink and as usual after her Azeroth wide pub crawls, he had come out the worse for it. But there was something else he was forgetting. Soon enough, the images came flooding back to him. He and Rahven had not been alone, he had taken his apprentices out with him. Trying to collect his thoughts together began to compose a letter, begging Rahven for help.

Thanks to the speedy postal service, a reply reached him within minutes. But if only the reply was worth it! It simply read this.

"Dearest Basel,

You are lazy! Yes your apprentices were with us, but they are such lightweights. They wandered off at some point separately. If your still having trouble, just write up what you know and let the guild know. They will find them for you I'm sure!

Best of luck!


Scowling at the note, Basel brought some more parchment out and began to scribble down what he knew.

Thanks to a lack of funds on my part, my apprentices are all loyal to the horde. They don't speak common but they do enjoy pantomime.

I've been training them for awhile now and if its anything they enjoy, its manliness, especially flexing naked from the waist upwards amongst anything else remotely amusing.

I want them all back here to me in Ratchet, at the Broken Keel tavern. Without my guidance they may suffer!

The Orc

A fine apprentice, but sadly, easily led astray by green fireworks. I recall leaving him in Tirisfal Glade near to the airship platform. He always hated flying by himself, but I'm sure if someone could guide him onto the airship and then meet him on the other side, it would be alright.

The Undead

A rather serene member of his race I recall leaving him in a place of great heat at a dock where a boat will never visit. From what I remember he just broke up with his girlfriend. A friendly hug should see him follow you. But be careful, he cannot resist his primal urge to eat the flesh of the dead...

The Troll

If ever there was a troll more interested in his own people it was that one. Always exploring lost places of his race. I remember him mentioning a great arena in the jungle. But that ones a sneaky one. Not to mention the fact he's narcoleptic. But I found a good loud noise wakes him up!

The Tauren

A gentle beast, a little cowardly. Afraid of the dark you see, but I usually used my glowing sword to guide him about. I remember a large tree in Darkshire. That Tauren loves flowers.

The Blood Elf

My Blood Elf apprentice has been conducting her own 'experiments' recently. After a goodly amount of wine she began babbling about a 'special' ingredient she had previously overlooked. I have vague recollections of her talking about a shipwreck surrounded by worgen where she would begin her hunt for the specific kind she would need. Being a warlock she is very driven, but she has always has a soft spot for beautiful wild flowers, perhaps you could persuade her to come back with some of those?

Da Rules!

You must solve the clues to find the lost apprentices. Enacting the ritual needed to get them following you and your team is important. Each horde apprentice returned to Basel will earn your team 100 points.

To earn more points you may amuse your apprentice. Be inventive as I'll ask them to award you all point scores at the end. It could tip the balance in result of a tie!

If you and another team come into conflict, the matter of whom takes the apprentice can be decided in one of two ways. The apprentice will point at one member from each team (make sure to stand in your groups) and they must duel shirtless and with bare hands! The winner must perform the ritual needed to acquire the apprentice. The second way it may be settled is the apprentice will sit down. Both teams must then try to amuse said apprentice as best they can. The winner must once again do the ritual and the apprentice is theirs.

Only one challenge per group, per zone.

If the apprentice dies, your team loses 10 points! Keep them safe! The apprentice will run back to its corpse and respawn in this event and the ritual must be conducted again.

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