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Our first steps into SSC

Having taken Gruul's Lair down in a very timely fashion we took 22 people into Coilfang to have look around and see what we could do in there. The first thing you come across is the lift, which is extremely fast and leads to a much smaller lift and there you are, looking down a ramp at a selection of Trash and Hydross the Unstable. He was not to be our target on this occasion, we had chosen to try and reach The Lurker Below 'cos well he sounded like such a charmer....

We pulled the first set of trash, naga and spore bats and then proceeded to get down a couple of the lumbering Underbog Colossus and sneaked past Hydross. We then had to weave our way over half a dozen platforms, each of which had a pack consisting of engineers, healers, shatterers and an honor guard for luck. we cut these down without a single death and with our confidence growing we made our way to the area which belonged to the Lurker.

We spread ourselves out over the three platforms and the central ring and those of us who could began to fish. Suddenly the lurker burst through the surface of the water diving over us and back down only to appear in the centre of the ring we were gathered on. And so.. the fight began.

On the surface of it this is a relatively simple fight he casts spout, which needs to be avoided. He 'whirls' which is relatively easy to deal with and every 60 seconds or so he dives and summons adds, which can be CC'd. The best we managed was 82% on our second try, but we were pleased with that as it was our first visit and we didnt have a full 25. Can't wait to get back in there and I am sure he will fall quickly.

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