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Raiders kick Gronn's butt.

In actual fact this dungeon is now on farm for us, but he deserves his write up no less - in fact more than any of our other conquests to date.

Gruul's Lair our first 25 man dungeon, it was with much excitement that we gathered up on the first Sunday in January we had almost gotten High king down on our first visit and we hoped to kill him and face Gruul this time. So what happened I hear you ask? Well, best I get on with the telling then.

We cleared the trash up to High King Maulgar and set about organising who would tank what. It took a couple of tries to get the timings and positionings right on the pull, but with a countdown to casting from our mage the fight began. Each of the mobs was pulled to a designated spot in the cave, each of the tanks, dps and healers did their job and one by one the adds went down. It was almost too easy.

With them down we turned out attention to the High King. He charges randomly, he fears melee and he whirlwinds, but we managed to co-ordinate ourselves and we got him down. This was a massive achievement High King Maulgar down on only our second raid to him! AND we had time to have a quick go at Gruul himself. We were jubilant to say the least.

A bit more trash on the way to Gruul and there he was - in all his ugliness. The Gruul encounter is quite complicated in that there is a lot for everyone to remember. He grows every 30 seconds, he silences, he switches agro, he stuns AND he grasps, stones and shatters the raid. Even with some of our raid party having encountered the fight before it was a daunting prospect.

It took a few tries, but we were determined and we improved each try so we decided one more shot before beddy byes. So in we ran, everyone positioned themselves the tank picked him up, the healers healed and the dps did what they do best. In the meantime Gruul grew, he silenced and stunned and all those other wonderful things he does, but his health continued to go down. It was indeed looking a lot better for the Raiders on this try. More growths, more shatters - the lovely cave ins and then, finally down he went! Cheers and happy dances ensued and the lovely set pieces and loot were given out.

So we entered hoping to face Gruul and we cleared the place. Not bad at all in such a small space of time. As I said Gruul's is officially on farm now and we have our sights set on other targets, but more of those another day. For now, big thank you's to all of you who have ground your flasks and hauled you butt over to Blade's Edge Mountain. Big Thank you's the the compact and bijou Liberalis for their continuing support, but most of all thanks to Kytia who led us that night, he knew we could do it even when we weren't so sure. Cheers all!

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