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Once upon a time in a far away land there lived a witch. This was no ordinary witch, but the cruelest of the cruel, the ugliest of the ugly, the lowest of the low. She was the most wicked witch of all. The witch liked to prey on the local villages, steal away their children, and cook them in pies!

One day after a successful run of child stealing, the witch flew back to her shack on the hill with a bag containing three children! She locked them in a cage outside and set the water boiling on her stove. Unfortunately for the witch's tummy, she had dropped the key to the cage on her way back inside the shack. Despite being very, very scared the children managed to reach through the bars just enough to grab the key. Then when the witch wasn't looking, they unlocked the cage and ran for their lives!

On and on they ran, through woodlands, through swamps, through fire and ice. Eventually, when their weary bodies could run no more, they stopped. As the harsh beating in their chests calmed they looked around and each one found themselves alone, in unfamiliar places surrounded by very frightening monsters that they could not hope to pass by alone... Not only that but they'd not managed to buy all of the things from the shopping lists that had been given to them by their parents in order that they could make their own, non-child containing pies.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to escort these poor children back to the comfort of Darnassus. You are not allowed to portal or summon the child - they must walk the entire way. The winning team will be the one which manages to escort their child to Darnassus with as few deaths as possible. Not only that but the child must purchase the items from their shopping lists along the way. If there is a tie, the team who has done it the quickest will win.

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