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Rahven has lost her goodie bag!

Or, at least, the contents...

The bag contained several goodies, which she would like back. Preferably in triplicate. The contents consisted of:

  • something soft
  • something sharp
  • something strong
  • something red
  • something squishy
  • something oily
  • something dwarven
  • and ... an emotion
  • What to do...

    To qualify for a reward, a player or party needs to meet the following requirements:

  • seven items, each with one of the above adjectives in the 'something' list above, so that a complete collection with all adjectives is present. These items are to be shown to Rahven in a trade window for verification.
  • an emotion, which can be learned from a Blood Elf warlock. This warlock is at a place of rest within a place of great sickness, where she obviously does not belong. If you manage to find her, give her a poke, and she will in turn act out an emotion. Rahven wants to know what this emotion is. You can tell her this after she has verified the items.
  • What can you win?

    The first person or party to complete the quest for Rahvens goodies will receive 150 gold. The second completer(s) will receive 75 gold, and the third person or persons to complete the quest will receive 25 gold.

    Obviously the reward is not why you are doing this! You are doing this to help Rahven and have fun.

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