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Siege of Orgrimmar - Garrosh Hellscream

Rolling pins and whirlies

Garrosh proved to be a good challenge for us, which was appreciated after the balls of dough that were Paragons. We tried lots of things: 3 healing, 2 healing, DPS on engineers, healer on engineers, DPSing weapons, not DPSing weapons etc etc. In the end, the tac that worked for us was 2 heals, no DPS to weapons after P1 and then lots of good control and weapon placement from then on. In the end, he took us 78 pulls and we really earned the kill.

That was the end of normal SoO! Once again, huge thanks to those who made it possible. In particular, poor Zank having to heal her ass off whilst Rahven ran off to the engineers, and those of you who contributed to the tactics and research. See you soon for some heroic news :)

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