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Siege of Orgrimmar - Galakras and Iron Juggernaut

Hmm, this ain't so hard after all....

On Monday 7th October the team headed back into SoO. We had great synergy and everyone was working their socks off and we ended up clearing all farm content (4 bosses) within 45 minutes. This left us with a great amount of time to work on progress!

In the previous week we'd had 10 wipes on Galakras. Something clicked this week and we downed the boss on the first pull of the night - our 11th ever attempt.

Very happy a this we ran through to Iron Juggernaut and very nearly one-shot him. After a few adjustments we killed him on our fifth ever pull.

He gives great hugs btw...

We moved on to the Shammies and had 4 pulls, getting them to 11% with some absolutely amazing work on the adds, before it was time to call it a night. So off to bed we went, very happy with the evening's work :D

RoTLO 6/14 SoO.

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