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Siege of Orgrimmar - Immerseus and Fallen Protectors

New Instance Excitement!

On Thursday 12th September we headed into the new raid instance, Siege of Orgrimmar. We had an unusual team, with an offspec tank and 3 new raiders and I have to say, it worked wonderfully.

First up was Immerseus, who was down within an hour of raid start time without too many issues, bagging us 7th kill on the server.

A boss down, we moved onto the Fallen Protectors. Our first few pulls were brutal, healing-wise, but the team learned very quickly and with tweaks and improvements we rapidly improved to the point that we got a kill, and 8th kill on the server.

Overall an excellent start to the tier! A huge thank you to Sparks for tanking, and well done to everybody who learned so quickly and were so adaptable.

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