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Throne of Thunder - Ji-Kun, Durumu and Primordius

One hell of a raid night

Monday 13th May was a pretty special night for the guild. We started off putting some more pulls in on Ji-Kun. Very quickly, we downed her, on our 8th ever attempt.

Woohoo! New Kill! Oh wait it's not over yet.... We moved on to Durumu, expecting the cluster fuck experienced on the first few nights of him being open on raid finder to be a premonition of things to come in normal difficulty. It was not so and we killed him on our 7th pull.

Woohoo! Two new kills! Oh hang on, there's still raid time left. So we went to give Primordius a go. He proved to be a fun, but ultimately simple encounter and we downed him on the second attempt.

One great night left us at 8/12 ToT. Up next, Dark Animus.

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