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Heart of Fear - Grand Empress and more!

What a night

On Monday 11th February we headed back into Heart of Fear to put in some tries on Grand Empress. Although we had been discussing strats a lot on the forum during the week and had generally prepared well, I'm not sure any of us expected the evening to go quite as well as it did.

On our tenth pull of the night, we downed her.

So there we stood, Heart of Fear completed, with just over an hour of raid time left.

We headed to Terrace of Endless Spring:

First up - Protectors. They were dead at the end of our second pull.

Then we faced Tsulong. He was dead at the end of our third pull.

A pretty epic night for us. We went from 11/16 to 14/16 within three hours! No time was left to attempt Lei Shi (our favorite RF boss) so watch out for that next week.

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