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Mogu'shan Vaults - Elegon and Will of the Emperor

MV cleared!

Our first raid of the week was extremely good and we cleared all of the content we had completed so far in one raid. This left us with an entire night to dedicate to progress - a rare treat when only raiding twice a week.

We went to put in some time on Elegon first of all. It took us a few tries to learn each phase in turn, but once we got into a rhythm and were reaching P3 consistently we knew it was only a matter of time before we killed him.

We were extremely happy with this kill and the trinket access it brought us so after a short celebration we decided to put in some pulls on Will of the Emperor for the last hour of the raid. We downed it on our 6th ever pull, last try of the night, in traditional RoTLO style.

With MV cleared and 2/6 in HoF we were at 8/16 of T14 and 20th on the server.

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