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Raiders of the Lost Orc is currently recruiting for people who would fit in well with our ideals and ambitions.

We are a friendly, sociable guild and the most important part of the game for us is the community feel. In fact we get on so well that we're spending a weekend in Amsterdam for the guild's first birthday in November! (Attendance voluntary!!)

We love to help each other out and we work together as a team really well. Collectively we maintain a great atmosphere and we're looking for people who want to enjoy and contribute to that.

We have regular in-game social events, and we enjoy running instances together. These things are arranged via the use of the Guild Event Manager (GEM) add-on which is mandatory for all guildies.

We are a mature guild and are looking to recruit potential guildies of 18-years and over, with possible exceptions for excellent candidates.

The guild has a raiding section, which is subject to extra and more stringent rules than the rest of the guild, though we still have a lot of fun whilst abiding by them. Our raiders completed Karazhan last week, in many fewer raids than most guilds. Now we're farming gear for people and trying to help a second team to progress through Kara. Once we've done this we do intend to start taking on the 25-man encounters, starting with Gruul, but we're in no rush at all :) Although we enjoy making progress we expect our raiders to play a big part in all other aspects of the guild, so loot whores should not apply because they'll just end up being kicked.

We are particularly short of Rogues, healing Paladins, Shamans and resto or balance Druids, but we are looking to recruit others also. It's more important to us that we get the right people with the right outlook who are willing to contribute to the guild than them being a particular class. Guild-hoppers need not apply - we're looking for people who want a home, not a hotel.

You can find out more about us on this website, and you can apply using the forum link.

We hope to see you in-game soon :)

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