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ICC 10 Heroic - Rotface

We brokes-ded it...

On Sunday 11th July, we headed back into ICC for hardmodes with an unusual group. No mainspec tanks and only two mainspec healers. We decided to give it a go anyway.

Deathwhisper bit the dust on heroic again, as did lolship, then after some promising tries on Saurfang we decided to press on and try Rotface, whose heroic mode we downed on our third try. This left us just enough time to kill Festergut on normal to finish the weekly raid quest, Residue Rendezvous.

Unfortunately, being so excited about our new kill we forgot to take a screenie before the corpse despawned. Thandaras is kindly standing in for dead Rotface here:

This kill took us to 122nd in the world, with 3/12 ICC 10 heroic down. We'll see you again soon!

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