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ICC 10 Heroic Modes

Ooh we're so heroic /flex

So! After taking advantage of the Kingslayer title to get some alts thro "heroic" Gunship last week, we set our first proper (mains) ICC heroics raid for 1st July 2010. We had a few attempts on Lord Marrowgar with our best taking him to 34% but we couldn't get the hang of the later bonestorms so we killed him on normal and proceeded to the very talkative Lady Deathwhisper.

Our first few tries went very well but we had a problem with the melee immune adds healing up to full repeatedly meaning we got swamped. However, a few tricks and refinements and we were ready to go - killing her on our 5th attempt (first to phase 2)! We also did this whilst we were still strict 10-man, without any 25-man ICC gear. Yet again the first guild on the server to do this. This did wonders for our guild rankings on Guildox, taking us to:

We then moved on and did the heroic lolship battle and had one try at Deathbringer Saurfang before running out of time for the evening. We'll be back though, don't you worry!

RoTLO - ICC 10 HC 2/12 /flex

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