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ICC 10 - Lich King

Ding Dong the King is dead!

Sunday 20th June saw Raiders of the Lost Orc achieve their goal to take down the Lich King, and they did it in 10-man gear.

This would not have been possible were it not for the tireless efforts of all involved:

Our progress raiders, who spent many hours week in week out working through ICC, gearing up as much as possible for this challenge, making sure they had the best possible spec, rotation and preparation for the fights and coming back week after week until we downed the Lich King.

Our farm raiders, who helped get the remaining gear for our progress raiders, and who worked really hard to help give us as much time as possible on the Lich King for the progress night.

Our guildies, who have cheered us on when we needed it. Helped farm fish feasts for use on raids, helped people gear up in heroics and been there to congratulate us during our successes.

We were the very first guild on the server to kill Lich King with only 10-man gear, and after we killed him we sat at 61st strict 10-man EU guild for progress and 162nd in the world. The achievements we popped from killing the Lich King left us at 45th EU guild, and to an amazing 106th in the world.

Well, that's ICC 10 all done and dusted. It's been an amazing journey full of excitement and we've been glad to share it with you. No doubt we'll see you again soon with news of heroic progress.

ICC 10 - 12/12

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