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Weekly raid quest - Naxxramas

By Macole

On Valentine's day 2010 twenty members of Raider of the Lost Orc formed a group to hunt down and kill Patchwerk. Patchwerk is a horrible, stitched-together undead lurking in what can only be called the sewers of Naxxramas.

After destroying some other minor undead, a host of strange green globules and a mad scientist or two, the group gathered at a pre-arranged spot to engage Patchwerk. Patchwerk is not a very clever undead and has been promised that he can be Kel'Thuzad's avatar of war. He takes this responsibility very seriously and once he notices the group on the other side of the sludgy sewer, he yells this at them, just so they know what they are facing.

As the twenty valiant raiders descended on Patchwerk spells were flung everywhere and blades whirred through the air. A rain of arrows descended on the patchy foe, piercing him and making him cry out in agony. Three intrepid tanks kept Patchwerk occupied so that the rest of the group could hack, fling and shoot at him without having to worry about the swing of his big axe or looking at his ugly face. As the battle progressed Patchwerk got more and more worked up and it looked like he might go berserk in the near future.

However, the damage done to the undead bloat is too high and finally he falls to the ground, even more lifeless than he was before. As the tanks wipe the goo off their armor, fur, shields and weapons the body is searched for any items of value.

All-in-all, a well-fought battle. Although the challenge is not so great anymore for the advanced raiders in the guild, it is a fun event and brings the people who cannot raid frequently and those who delve deep into Icecrown Citadel together for a few minutes of comradery and laughs.

After this first twenty-man run, two ten-man runs consisting mostly of alts also despatched Patchwork. Everyone there had a great time and our family became just a little bit more close-knit.

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