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Note: all images used here are from a Windows 7 install, so your version might look slightly different

  1. Downloading the client
  2. Starting up and configuring the connection

Downloading the client

Downloading the Mumble client is a very simple thing to do. All you need to do is download the client from the homepage (under 'Mumble'). If you are not using Windows, take a look at this page and select the correct client for your operating system. We are currently using version 1.2.2.

You only need to install the latest client. Installing the server or the legacy client is not necessary as long as you use the mumble.exe file found on our website. If you are using a non-windows client, make sure you have version 1.2.2.

Starting up and configuring the connection

After starting up Mumble go through any configuration wizards it throws up. These are quite self explanatory and after you are done you should see the 'Mumble Server Connect' window. If you do not see it, Select 'Server' -> 'Connect' from Mumble's menu.

If you've not yet connected to the Rotlo server, click on the 'Add New...' button to add it. If you've already added it, it should be under the 'Favorite' heading.

If you are adding the server follow thes instructions:

The server should now appear under 'Favorite'.

Select our server, and click the 'Connect' button. If Mumble starts yelling at you about certificates, just accept. If it asks for a password, look in the GuildInfo online to find it.

Welcome to Mumble! If you have selected to turn 'Overlays' on (they are on by default), and you do not see them, it's because you started WoW before you started Mumble. You need to start Mumble first.

Another way to get overlays to show up if they go missing, or if you don't want to restart WoW is to go to the WoW video options, change to windowed mode, and then back to full screen. The overlays should then work. (Thanks for the tip, Tilda!)