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Raiders of the Lost Orc is a raiding guild with a strong social side that was started as a place for mature players to have fun working together as a team. We firmly believe that as a group working co-operatively we can achieve far more than we can individually; not only that but we can make friends, learn each otherís play-styles, and have a damned good time along the way!

This guild is not about chasing epic items for the sake of it. Gear is a means to an end - never the end itself. We aim to gear our players in order to achieve more for the guild, and bring ever-more-difficult encounters into the realms of possibility. We love seeing other dedicated players receiving new and more powerful items as it will help all of us. We never begrudge them their gear even if we could have used it ourselves. Their triumphs are ours as we will either fail or succeed together as a team. 'Who gets it first?' or 'Where is mine?' are not questions our raiders ask. 'How can I help the guild to take the next step up?' Now thatís a better question. We want to carry our guildís name into the deepest, darkest dungeons, and to do that we need a committed and skillful team bristling with the best gear we can gather.

Raiding is not compulsory in RoTLO, but most of us really enjoy it; if your gear, skill and teamwork are good enough then we'd love you to come along. There really is nothing like finally downing a new boss surrounded by the team and friends who have been standing by your side the whole way. You know that they have relied on you every bit as much as you have relied on them. Thereís a real sense of shared achievements in this guild. No one person is enough to make a successful raid; instead everyone needs to shoulder their share of the workload. Players who cannot are asked to concentrate on their personal contribution until they are ready to bring more to the raid than they gain from it.

We're not into drama, and we're not into faceless guildies. We currently have about 50 accounts in the guild (raiders and social members), keeping it small and friendly. Our guildies often do lots together outside of raiding - heroics, achievements, social events (in-game AND IRL) and that's the way we like it. RoTLO is roughly 35% female and the average age of our members is around 35. The majority of our guildies are from the UK and Ireland, though we also have a strong European component with guildies hailing from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland. We even guildies in Canada and Australia!

Our raids start at 7.45PM server time and run until 23.00ST. We currently raid two nights a week - usually Thursday and Monday.

We focus on 10 man raiding and aim to down every 10-man encounter in the game. We prefer 10-man raiding as it means we don't have to compromise the quality of our raids and the atmosphere of our guild to get enough bodies onboard. It also means we can keep the drama at zero.

The guild finished progression raiding in Cata in March 2012 at 2/8Hc as real life took hold, with the GM and raid leader getting married and buggering off on a month-long honeymoon.

In WoTLK we classed ourselves as a high-end 10-man guild. All of our progress was made as a strict 10-man guild - i.e. we didn't have any 25-man top content gear so didn't outgear the instances. We were the first guild on the server to kill the Lich King with 10-man gear, and the first to do any hardmodes in this way. At the end of WoTLK before we relaxed our criteria and allowed members to pug 25-man content, we managed to achieve the following Guildox rankings:

This is something that we are immensely proud of.

The guild is for mature people of 18-years-old and over as we do not censor ourselves in guild chat.

The most important thing is that you're right for us and we're right for you. If you enjoying raiding to the best of your ability with a committed team around you, hanging out with a bunch of great people, having fun and testing your skills in the most challenging dungeons we might well be the guild for you.

If you've read enough and think we're the guild for you please click on the picture above to head to our recruitment forum!