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Raiders of The Lost Orc

A History

Raiders of the Lost Orc as we know them today began life in November 2006. Originally part of another guild, after the absence of said guild’s leader had allowed RotLO’s members to taste what a progressive, happy and well run guild was it was enevitable that one day a new guild would splinter away. Amongst many ups and downs, trials and tribulations eventually there emerged a guild that, although relatively new in WoW terms and as yet, untried, knew where it wanted to be and how it was going to get there.

Led by Rahven and other officers and members who shared the vision, RotLO has flourished. In the early days the idea had been a very small, friendly guild of people who would help one another and group once in a while. However, overwhelmed by the numbers of others who joined them it became clear that the guild had found its feet, its direction and its spirit.

Deeply entrenched in the guild’s values is that it should be a home for all who are willing to work together for a common goal and for the common good of the guild and all its members. We firmly believe that a co-operative approach every one can benefit and all share in the success of achievement. As a team we really can go that extra mile.

From the first month and prior to the TBC expansions the guild contented itself with building a firm team and firmer friendships in places like Zul Gurub, however, after the expansion and smaller raid sizes a whole new vista of possibilities opened up and all pulled together to gear up ready for the challenges of Outlands.

Once Outlands hit, we hit Karazhan and then Zul'Aman with a vengeance! These were ideal places for us to test our teamwork as a 10-man group, and really gave us a taste for it. We made great progress and even killed Prince on the first night of attempts. Afterwards we did make some progress in Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon, TK and SSC, but we always found that we enjoyed these raids less as the extra people needed meant we had to compromise on the quality of applicants that we admitted to the guild, and raids became much less fun and much more of a ballache.

Fast forward to WoTLK and the guild really came into it's own. We powered through Naxx, coming away with many achievements in the process and killing some bosses on the very first pull. Malygos died next, quickly followed by the bosses in Ulduar (what a brilliant instance!). We dabbled a bit in understaffed 25-man Naxx and Ulduar, but ultimately decided that 10-man raids were where we wanted to specialise. Amnd specialise we did! We burned through ToTC normal very quickly, killing Anub'Arak on our first try. Hard modes came next, with heroic Ulduar and ToTC encounters falling fast, including some more one-shots. When ICC was released, we decided to restrict our pugging and began working on strict-10 man rankings (killing 10-man bosses without any boosting from 25-man gear. We quickly became the top 10-man guild on the server for both kills and achievements, and we remained that way for the rest of the expansion. At our peak, we were 35th in the EU and 83rd in the world for strict 10-man progression.

Cata saw us immensely enjoying 10-man raiding in the variety of instances we were presented with. We breezed through the first tier of raids pretty quickly, with breaks due to raider unavailability. As Firelands was released we immediately began work on the legendary staff for Fizle. It took a long time, and indeed we had to come back after DS, but we got it in the end ;) We also made good progress in DS with Korumi getting the legendary daggers. If you want to read more about our raiding history please see the forum!